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How to make easy peasy animations

Tue Jul 1, 2014, 10:14 PM

I will not be providing support on this program anymore. If you have any questions, please check here:

a tutorial on how I made this....

Disclaimer: I don't speak an inch of Japanese. Everything here is 
based off my experiences, what I've learned from others, and my own 
intuition/common sense

System requirements: I don't have an official translation, so this is 
based off Google translate. 
- Windows Vista and up (including 7 and 8)
- DirectX9 (it's fine if you have a newer version of DirectX.)
If you don't know what DirectX is, you probably don't have it. You 
- Japanese system locale
Beyond this, I don't know what the specific requirements are. I will 
update this if I find them, though. 


What is Emofuri?: It's a free 2.5D animating software that makes 
animating EXTREMELY easy for artists to bring their drawings to life. 
I don't know how long it's been around... You can purchase a full 
not-so-easy version for 150,000 Yen (roughly $1,500USD). The free 
version is, as they claim, easier to use. There's a free trial for 
the full version if you want to see for yourself. 
Essentially, you draw a character, and it moves it as if it were a 3D 
model. There are tons of presets and body sliders!

You can NOT used EmoFuri for commercial purposes. However, they allow you to use E-Mote(full version) and the E-Mote 90 day free trial for commercial purposes. (correct me if I'm wrong here xD;; Google translate isn't 100% reliable) So if you want to do animated commissions or a commercial VN, check that out. Not everybody can afford $1,500, so it's nice that they allow you to do this with the trial version as well. 
I've downloaded the trial version of E-Mote myself, and there is really no difference between it and EmoFuri. They're essentially the same program O_O;;; Nothing is different. Weird. 

Let's get started!

Firstly, set your system locale to Japanese, or else the program will 
just crash. Locate your computer's control panel (Windows only. I do 
not know if Emofuri works with Macs or not...) And click the "Clock, 
Language, and Region" button. Then "Region and Language". A menu will 
pop up. There are four tabs on the top, click the tab that says 
"Administrative". The 2nd box is the setting for system locale. Click 
the "Change system locale..." button, and choose Japanese from the 
list. Your computer will automatically restart.

Okay, now you're ready to download and install EmoFuri! Take yourself 
to THIS page
Click the first pink download button for a direct download, or the 
2nd for a torrent download. 

When it's downloaded, you should be prompted for an installation. 
It's all in Japanese, so follow my instructions carefully! 
First slide: click next button. It's easily distinguished by the big 
(N)> on it. 
Second slide: Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the first 
radial button (it has a big (A) at the end of it), then click next.
Third slide: Click next
Fourth slide: Choose where you want to install the program if the 
default position is not good enough for you. There is not a next 
button here, but click the one in the middle. It should begin to 

At this time, you can open it. But I'll get to that later. For now, 
let's go over how to go about preparing your drawing for Emofuri!
I recommend Photoshop for this, but if you want to use SAI or GIMP 
(or whatever drawing tool you use...) it's fine. I say Photoshop 
because it will make things a lot easier.
With your art program of choice open, navigate to the installation 
folder where you saved Emofuri. 

Note: The template file has layer folders/groups. I've been warned that Photoshop Elements does not support this. 

m2tools CheeseWare > EmoteMovieMaker > template > E-mote3.0テンプレート > 

Now... You should have something that looks like this: 

This right here, is the template that you will use to create your 
character. There are two other templates that I know of, including 
two other samples (non templates)

What you'll want to do first is make a layer ABOVE all the other 
layers and bucket fill with white. 

You'll want to make another layer above the one you just made. Make 
your sketch so that it fits the template. From the top of the head to 
the waist. I'm not encouraging that you trace, but use it as a loose 

Once you finish your sketch, enable view on the SECOND folder(if it's 
not showing already). (Ignore the first folder for now) 
Disable view on every object in the folder one by one except the 
first layer in the folder.


Erase what's on the layer and draw according to the layer name. 
Eyelashes on the eyelash layer. If you need to use multiple layers, 
copy the layer name in case when you merge the layers it doesn't have 
the same name. 

After you're done with that folder, collapse it and disable view, 
then move onto the next folder. 

If your character has long fringes or just long strands of hair that 
goes in front of the body, put them in the "hair(front)" layer. 

If you hid the face folder, but noticed that the template character 
also has a nose on the body layer... Well... Don't do the same thing 
they did. Seriously. Don't. 

The reason there's a chest layer is because EmoFuri has boob physics. 
Whatever you put on the chest layer will jiggle. If you don't want 
jiggly boobs, just erase what's on the chest layer and leave it 
blank. (Though accessories would probably look cool, like scarves or 

Another important thing, say that your character's hair normally 
covers their ears. Draw the ears on the head layer anyways. The hair 
will move during the animation. 

Draw the body parts as shown in the template. Notice how they drew 
the whole head? Yeah. Do that. Even the ears if the hair normally 
hides them. 

Even if the back of the hair is hidden by the head, draw it like in 
the template because the hair will move, and you will see gaps during 
the animation. 

After you've finished the art part, close the folders and enable view 
on everything. 

Remember that first folder that I told you to ignore? Well you can 
stop ignoring it now. 

There are 6 red boxes. Move them in accordance to the eyebrows, eyes, 
nose, and mouth. If the boxes are too small, you can resize them. (I 
don't recommend making the boxes smaller to fit smaller eyes better, 
I've yet to test this.)

The blue pivot point needs to be moved to the mouth. The red to the 
neck, and the green to the waist. Make sure the lines are centered.

Save it somewhere (keep is as .psd) where you can find it. 

The hard part is done! Yay! Now close out of your art program and 
open up EmoFuri!

Here, I even attempted to click every box to see what it 
does translate for you!

Note about the "toggle background" option, when it's unchecked, the 
background will be a dark red. I don't know how to make it another 
color, or if it's even possible. 

If possible, open up the manuals and translate the pages with Google 
translate. You'll probably learn waaaaaay more from that. 

Now, click open! It should automatically take you to the template 

Open the one that I have circled. 
Your screen should look like this now:

There are a whole bunch of pretty tabs on the left. For now I'm only 
going to focus on the 2nd (red) tab. The fourth line down, there's a 
thing that you can open. Open it aaand... Look! New menu~

Okay, you want to see your character in action now, don't you?
Alright, alright. File > import .psd
Locate your .psd that you made earlier and open it. You'll get this 
big box with confusing buttons on it. Just ignore the contents of the 
Click the box that I circled. 

If you did everything right, you should get something like this: 

Click play and cry as you see your OC move~

As for exporting...
You are given the option to export as WMV, PNG, and GIF. I recomment 
you NOT export as GIF. Lots of people, including the people that 
could actually read Japanese, reported having issues with this (like 
crashing. Lots of crashing.) PNG results in saving every individual 
frame of the animation into your pictures folder.You should export as 

If you want to learn to turn WMV into GIF files... I will not explain 
There are tons of tutorials and videos that will help you with that. 

oh gosh this took so long to write x-x;;; I hope I was able to 
explain well enough! I don't know everything about this program so if 
you have a question, I might be able to answer it. This is news to 
English speaking people as of the past couple days. Hopefully a 
better tutorial will come out in time c: Thank you for reading!! 


Q: Some parts of the body/hair are cut off when I import them!

A: Ah, this has to do with the boundary boxes that are in the last layer group. You will have to expand them.
The first one (red) will needs to be over the whole body. the second one (purple) needs to cover the body (from the neck down), then the green one needs to cover the top of the head to the end of the hair. Hopefully that helps c:

Q: All I see are "????" !

A: Are you sure you changed your sysem locale? Double check here:…

Q: Is the free version only capable of portrait style animations?

A: No. You can make your own full bodies or chibis, it's just that you'll have to do some complicated settings. I will write an in-depth guide soon!

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really amazing! thanks :heart: I'll go and try it xD
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Oh and thanks for this tutorial o/
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Woah, this tutorial made my day! I always wanted to try EmoFuri, and you saved my life~ I cried like an idiot staring at my OCs moving ;w; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :iconaawplz:
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RuffyLuffyMuffy Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! First of all, thanks for this very great tutorial. I would truely love to use it, but I can't. I have a problem and maybe you can help me. I simply can't run Emofuri. I set my local settings to Japanese, my computer language to japanese, I have DirectX11 and no matter how I install it. I just get ???????? instead of japanese signs.  This is what I get and then it closes itself. Do you perhaps know any way to fix it?
aoiitsuki Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will not be providing support on this program anymore. If you have any questions, please check here:
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